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Friday, May 17, 2013

Entertainers honor Branson tradition

Thanks to Joshua Clark from the Branson Tri-Lakes News for this story in the paper; we really think he got "it"!

In 2011, a family of entertainers decided to completely repackage and rename their show. Featuring more than 40 cast and crew members, “it” features one of the largest performing families in the world, the Hughes family.

“We worked on a lot of this stuff for a while, but didn’t put anything into the show until 2011,” Marty Hughes said. “We just thought that ‘Hughes Brothers’ didn’t describe our show since there is so much more besides us in the show.”

Because the old title wasn’t conducive to what the family was trying to convey, a new title was chosen.

“The title ‘it’ has a little mystique to it, and ‘it’ is a whole lot easier to advertise,” said Marty Hughes. “Changing the show name was honestly a great move. We’ve seen an increase in numbers, and they are continuing to grow, which is a good thing.”

According to youngest of the brothers, Andy Hughes, “it” was the perfect title for their stage extravaganza.

“We are a variety show featuring so many things, we don’t know how to describe it other than saying it’s ‘it,’” Andy Hughes said. “We want people to experience ‘it’ for themselves and not get a preconceived notion as to what ‘it’ is, because they might be surprised. You have to see ‘it’ to get ‘it,’ because ‘it’ is what ‘it’ is.”

According to Hughes, getting the entire family involved is something they’ve done for several different reasons.

Read the rest of the story about "it" here:

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