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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday show a family affair at the Hughes Brothers Theatre in Branson MO

By Tyler Francke, Branson Tri-Lakes News
The “Hughes Brothers Christmas Show” is among the minority of Branson’s entertainment scene this time of year in that it is a full holiday presentation.

During this season, many other theaters present half of their regular season show and half of a Christmas show, or intersperse seasonal material through the production.

Jason Hughes, second-oldest brother, said there are several reasons his family “doesn’t hold back at all” when it comes to Christmas.

“The first show we ever did in Branson was a Christmas show,” he said.

In fact, he said the holidays have always been the busiest season, in terms of number of shows for the Hughes brothers, who have been performing since they were children.

But, Jason Hughes said the decision to present a show that was entirely Christmas-themed went beyond the fact that the brothers happened to have a lot of holiday material.

“Personally, we feel like there’s just so much to present when it comes to Christmas,” he said. “I think it wouldn’t have the same feeling if we tried to squeeze all that into half of a show.”

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